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It's time to fine-tune your business growth strategy to reach your goals as a leader

Powerful Leadership Coaching

You Know The Goal. We’ll Help You Get There.

Simply stated, your goals are our goals. Through powerful, one-on-one coaching, Christopher Collins will guide you through either leadership & entrepreneurship coaching, assistance on mastering your influence, or how to amplify your sales. Breakthrough customized business coaching will show you how to tap into a wealth of value aimed at helping you achieve massive business growth. Let’s get started!

Leadership Coaching

Fine Tune Your Business Growth Strategy

Uncover what matters most to you through intimate 1-on-1 access to Christoper Collins for 8 powerful weeks. Here’s what you’ll work on:

Leadership Development

Leadership starts with your mindset. By tapping into true authenticity, we’ll help you serve as an authentic leader. Our leadership development program will help you do everything from more effectively commanding the boardroom to taking your products & services to a wider target audience. Let’s get together so we can decipher how to persuasively communicate your passion, vision, and goals to strategic audiences that actually want to listen.

Entrepreneur 101

One of the greatest challenges in entrepreneurship is uncovering how not to exchange your time for money. In addition to helping you break free from the time trap, we’ll break down money management, and how proper money management techniques can really help scale your business. Let’s look at entrepreneurship as a whole and dive deep into tracking, analyzing, and dispositioning customer outreach. All while simultaneously winning back missed and lost opportunities.

Mastering Your Influence

Some leaders exhibit an unavoidable presence that just pulls you in. Mastering your influence is about cultivating a leadership presence that gets people ready to listen and holds their attention. We’ll show you how to tap into powerful persuasion techniques that will help improve sales, strengthen your professional network, and create an air of confidence that people can’t help but listen to. You already know what your unique selling points are, it’s time to amplify your message so it sticks.

Sales Amplifier

Get ready to launch your sales into the stratosphere. We’ll begin by developing a strategic marketing plan that is specifically aimed at your target audience. That includes laying down the foundation of delivering superior value through setting a framework of agile changes that will force you to adapt to changes in your marketplace. Once we’ve narrowed down your audience, you’ll begin on an extremely targeted outreach campaign leveraging social media, youtube, cold calling, and a variety of other proven methods.

Agile Executive Coaching

Why Join Collins Coaching Center?

Have you ever imagined what life could be like if you actually met your goals? If you can dream it, you can achieve it. The team at Collins Coaching Center has decades of experience in helping people reach their full potential. If you’re ready to reach a new level of success, it’s time to utilize our leadership coaching to implement a new business growth strategy.

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You’re already there, you just need a little push to help you take off. At Collins Coaching Center, you’ll find that extra bit of energy to help you break through into a new plateau. Take a look through our testimonials to hear it for yourself.

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