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Learn the principles, techniques, and strategies of the world’s most successful salespeople. It is as much an art form as it is a science. Becoming influential is about breaking down the barriers that people hold in front of them. It’s about building relationships that matter. Join our ground-breaking program to truly master your influence and win big deals.

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It’s time to gain a true edge over your competition. All the goals, dreams, and aspirations you have can be accomplished by exerting an extraordinary level of influence. Uncovering the secret strategies behind truly mastering your influence will come from witnessing it in action at the Collins Coaching Center. Here’s how you’ll learn to do just that:

Strengthen Your Leadership Presence

Strengthen Your Leadership Presence

Mastering a leadership presence is one of the most coveted skills in the business world. Why is that? It is because the only difference between reaching your goals and not is how well you were able to relate to other individuals. Sometimes, it’s not about how much you know or even who you know, but about how you’re able to say and do it. Strengthening your leadership presence will teach you how to tap into ultimate persuasion techniques only known to the world’s top business leaders and salespeople. 

Learn Influential Persuasion Techniques

Learn Influential Persuasion Techniques

Have you ever wondered why some people can easily turn objections into big opportunities? It’s because they understand the real reason behind that objection. It’s often not because of the products, prices, or services you offer, but because of you. Influential persuasion techniques start with building mutually beneficial relationships that eventually turn into lifelong partnerships.

Leveraging Your Network

Leveraging Your Network

No one can do anything alone in this world. It takes a team and oftentimes a network to truly make things move. If you were looking to be an influential person and man of action, then it’s time to start building mutually beneficial networks. The most important thing to remember is that mastering your influence is about doing for others to do for yourself.

Key Closing Strategies

Key Closing Strategies

Have you ever heard of the term, “always be closing”? In this mastering your influence course, we will show you how to leverage your influence to always be closing the deal. Key closing strategies executed by enterprise-level executives and business leaders around the world start from the moment they meet you. We’ll show you exactly what that means and more.

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Mastering Your Influence

Dive Into The Science of Why We Buy

What Is Motivating Your Customer?

Customers often buy for emotional reasons and not logic. It has been proven that persuading your customers to buy starts with motivating their emotional reasoning. We’ll dive deep into how you can leverage emotion to create powerful relationships and big deals