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Christopher Collins is a world-renowned sales coach, founder of Collins Coaching Center, and self-made man. As the fearless leader of Collins Coaching Center, he aims to help business leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and anyone looking for growth to reach their full potential.

As the leader of sales teams, regional sales director, and powerful executive coach, Christopher Collins brings a powerful mindset aimed at helping clients break past the obstacles standing in their way. From increasing sales by 10% in 90 days to fine-tuning your business growth strategy, Christopher brings an unmatched authenticity that will grab your dreams and turn them into reality

The passionate thought leadership delivered by Christopher Collins comes from a real-world experience of over 15 years. Working with industries that vary from real estate professionals to finance and beyond gives Collins Coaching Center an unparalleled authenticity to draw from. If you’re looking to learn the secrets that the world’s top sales professionals, CEOs, and business leaders employ every day, you’ve come to the right place.

How would you like to unleash new energy aimed at crushing your goals, and surpassing the competition? It all starts now. Christopher has spoken and shared his prestigious business leadership with listeners and clients around the world. Icons like Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsey, and others have all had the pleasure of working with Christopher Collins; and everyone says the same thing. His authenticity is invigorating, inspiring, motivating, and captures the true essence of what leadership, and entrepreneurship are all about.

Chris Collins

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