Leading an Effective CEO Transition: It’s a Journey, Not an Event

Having just gone through a CEO transition at Pearl Meyer, I have spent some time reflecting on the outcome as well as what we learned organizationally and as individuals throughout the process. While we have guided numerous clients through the same exercise, I am more keenly aware than ever that leadership transition is an ongoing […]

Biotech Layoffs: Ideas for Creating a Fair Compensation Plan

After a protracted period of significant growth and investment in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, share prices are down significantly and the capital markets have cooled off. Many companies are now discussing how to conserve cash to extend their operating runway and avoid unnecessary dilution from new capital. One of the difficult but likely avenues […]

The Inflation Reduction Act: What You Need to Know

Entrepreneur Coaching

After months of negotiations and countless amendments, the Inflation Reduction Act (the “Act”) was passed by the Senate on August 7. The Act, a downsized version of the House’s earlier Build Back Better Act (“BBBA”), is intended to target climate change, healthcare, taxes, and inflation. It is expected that the Act will be signed into […]